Friday, October 9, 2009

Local rap artist accused of Blogger polling scam

Associated Press / Photo most likely courtesy of a drunken Quincy kid

Neal Diamondz (left, featured with Jaime "The Scallion Stallion" Curbkick), the local rap artist known for acting foolishly whenever in the general vicinity of a McDonald's, was accused today of a major polling scam on The Quincy Scallion, which entailed multiple votes from the same IP address on their current poll.

The poll, which asks "What section of Quincy is the best?" shows an excess of three votes for the Hospital Hill section of Quincy, causing many to believe that the entire American political system is fucking fixed, as no resident of Quincy, aside from the accused internet terrorist, would ever vote for that particular area.

"I didn't do shit," claimed an outraged Diamondz. "Mad people like Hospital Hill. Good luck proving this bullshit. I'll see your fuckin' asses in court. You might be harder than nails, but you ain't harder than Neal. I'll put your face down in the gutter, tell me, how does it feel? Punk ass bitches ain't got nothin' on Hillside. Smell ya later!"

Diamondz will be brought before a judge as soon as authorities are willing to find one brave enough, where it is expected he will plead "whatever" to an assortment of charges. Supporters of Diamondz are rumored to include Reskue, Drone, Everlast, Necro, D-Dez the Chef, and George Clooney.


Beakeysdad said...

I vote for the "Old" Quincy Center, or Quincy Square as we called it; the Bargain Center with it's cheap, rummage sale clothes, the two hippie stores (hash pipes, American flag rolling
papers,etc),no MBTA station,4 shoe stores and much more. I also vote for Houghs Neck, because I was a sternman on a lobster boat from 1975-1978 and knew a lot of Houghs Neck boys who were sternmen. Just don't pay them on Friday, because they'll never show up on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

if it ain't south quincy..they ain't getting busy. word up.

3F1L4ZDN0M41D said...

I didnt rig shit, I told you that already!

DoMxM617 said...

I voted for the hills.

Pearse said...

The Darling of Hospital Hills.

Beak Wilder said...