Wednesday, June 30, 2010

McDonald's unveils the all-new McMiller sandwich

Article by Beak Wilder / Photos courtesy of the McDonald's Corporation (NYSE: MCD)

McDonald's unveiled their all-new McMiller sandwich yesterday evening at a golden tie event held at the Knights of Columbus hall on Hancock Street.

The McMiller, which is said to be designed after a local piercing shop owner, will be available only at the McDonald's in North Quincy, and is part of a brand new regional marketing campaign called "Burger Xtremes."

McDonald's representatives declined to name the piercing shop owner at this time.

While most who attended the unveiling were impressed by the sandwich, some pointed out the fact that it was nothing more than a pierced cheeseburger.

"The human body cannot digest a piercing," said area man Cheech Holbrook, who looked in on the event from an open window outside. "In a world filled with uncertainties, that is literally the only thing I am completely sure of."

Cheech Holbrook (left) partaking in a grisly scene during the after-party that followed.

If sales of the McMiller go as well as expected, the McDonald's Corporation has stated that they plan to continue their Burger Xtremes marketing campaign, possibly branching out as far as the McDonald's on Southern Artery.

Initial ideas on the drawing board show plans for a tattooed Chicken McNugget, green mohawks in Happy Meals, and a Sausage and Egg McMiller with Cheese.

"This is big," Holbrook added. "This entire city is about to fucking explode."


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Ronald MikDonald

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That dude is McWeird looking!

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Ahaha I don't eat at McDonald's, but if chicken nuggets had tats I might reconsider!

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